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Thermofoil vacuum press [VPF-2-2600/3000]

Vacuum thermo foil press VPF-2-2600/3000 is designed for 3D coating of PVC foil, also can be used as simple membrane press.
Vacuum press is fully automated and has three operating modes:
The automatic mode - a series of pressing passes automatically according to the predetermined settings. The whole process is monitored by PLC controller.
The manual mode - the whole cycle of compression is monitored by operator.
The membrane mode is designed to work with a membrane vacuum press, which can be used as a common membrane press. Press is equipped with a silicone or a rubber membrane.

Vacuum press VPF-2-2600/3000 for PVC foil

Area of applications

Veneering and laminating

Veneering and laminating

Veneering and laminating of flat and curved surfaces.

Coating of simple profiles

Coating of simple profiles

Coating of simple profiles of veneer, leather, paper and plastic.

Wood bending

Wood bending

Gluing of 2D curved parts. Using multi layered method.

3D Coating

3D Coating

Coating of PVC foil. Production of kitchen doors and 3D panels.



The sturdy welded construction.

Heating system

Heating system with maximal temperature till 140C.
Three independent zones of heating.
Carbon heater. Pneumatic actuator of upper cover of heating system.

Vacuum system

Oil vacuum pump with capacity 40m3/h.
Pressure tank 100l.


PLC control with three modes.


Silicone membrane.

Technical data

Description VPF-2-2600VPF-2-3000
Working table size, (length х width) , mm: 2600 х 1400 3000 х 1400
Heating temperature, max C: 140 140
Heater capacity, kW: 24 24
Worker pressure pneumatic system, bar : 6 6
Operating mode: manual / automatic manual / automatic
Pump capacity, kW: 1,5 1,5
Vacuum pump output , m3/h: 40 40
Operational vacuum, kg/сm2 (bar): - 0,9 - 0,9
Protection level: IP53 IP53
Noise level, Db: <70 <70
Power, V: 3P 400 50Hz 3P 400 50Hz
Outline dimensions, (length x width x height): 2700 x 1700 x 2200 3100 x 1750 x 2200
Weight, kg: 850 950

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