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The VPR is a cold membrane vacuum press is designed for woodworking and furniture production. Membrane press is equipped with rotary work-table, which saves production space and allow use it in small workshops.
The vacuum press can be supplied in two ways: as fully equipped vacuum press VPR-3000/25 or VPR-3000/40 and as vacuum table VPR-3000T (without vacuum system).

Membrane vacuum press VPR-3000

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Vacuum membrane press VPS-3000

The VPS is a cold membrane vacuum presses is designed for woodworking as budget solution. And usually used in small enterprises and workshops for production of furniture. In complement with silicone membrane can be used for shaping of solid surface materials. The model range consist two models: VPS-1500 and VPS-3000. The membrane press equipped with oil-free pump and a system of vacuum level control.

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The membrane presses of VP series are optimal solution for woodworking and a furniture production from all types of wood.
The vacuum presses are equipped with heating system which allows reduce the time of drying glue and increase productivity of production. The heating temperature monitored and maintained automatically.
The membrane presses of VP series can be used for small capacities but also for professional using.

Vacuum membrane press VP-3000

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Portable vacuum systems VPB-10 and VPB-16 for wood bending, cold veneering and laminating.

Vacuum pump capacity 10/16m3/h.
System of vacuum control and automatic pump stop.
Single-phase, 220 Volt.
Vacuum bag from pvc material.

Vacuum system VPB-10/16
Vacuum system VPB-10/16

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