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Vacuum systems [VPB-10/16]

Portable vacuum systems VPB-10 and VPB-16 for wood bending, cold veneering and laminating.

Vacuum pump capacity 10/16m3/h.
System of vacuum control and automatic pump stop.
Single-phase, 220 Volt.
Vacuum bag from pvc material.

Vacuum system VPB-10/16
Vacuum system VPB-10/16

Technical data


Power, V: 220 220
Pump capacity, kW: 0,37 0,55
Vacuum pump output , M3/h: 10 16
Operational vacuum, kg/сm2 (bar): - 0,85 - 0,85
Protection level: IP53 IP53
Noise level, Db: <70 <70
Outline dimensions,(length x width x height), mm 465 x 255 x 620 465 x 255 x 620
Weight, kg: 30 30

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